How to Ship Glass Bottles: Packing Tips

How to ship glass bottles

Glass is among the most fragile materials, which makes its transportation challenging and risky. The last thing you want for your glass bottles is to have them delivered broken or cracked. So how to ship glass bottles across the country safely? In this blog post, we’ve shared essential packing tips for a successful move. Check them out!

How to Ship Glass Bottles: Packing Tips

Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow when shipping glass bottles or any other glass items across the city or country.

1. Pick up suitable and durable boxes

You need to purchase spacious and sturdy boxes to secure your items. You can choose wooden crates or use a double paper box method. Don’t forget about 2-3 inches of padding. A good option is to use bubble wrap to prevent the bottles from bumping and shifting across the box.

2. Wrap the bottles

For wrapping, take the same bubble wrap you use for padding. Cover each glass bottle with 3-4 layers of bubble wrap. You can use tape to secure it better.

Quick tip on how to ship glass bottles with liquids: seal the bottles in plastic bags before putting them in boxes. No one is 100% safe from incidents along the road; a bottle can break or leak. With a plastic bag, your items will stay secure.

3. Seal and label the shipping boxes

After putting your bottles in the boxes, carefully seal them with packing tape. Be sure to write the shipping address and content information on a special card. Also, mark all sides of the box with a “Fragile” sticker.

These were the essential packing tips on how to ship glass bottles effectively. Also, make sure you hire a reliable shipping company to move your items to another location safely.

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