How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move in 2023

How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move in 2023

Moving is always stressful. Moving to another state or country is an even greater challenge. Not only do you have to leave behind the ones you love, but you should take care of so many things to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you are moving within the country or abroad, take advantage of the following long-distance moving tips to make it happen.

How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move in 2023

1. Plan everything ahead

So, you need to move all your possessions hundreds or thousands of miles away. Moving over a long distance is hard work that requires proper planning and organization. Take your time to write down every task you need to accomplish. The ultimate moving checklist will allow you to keep your move on track. It will also help you get through the process without too much frustration and stress.

2. Stick to your schedule

If you want to be ready for a move in no time, you have to stick to your schedule. You already have a plan with lots of steps to take, so now you need to schedule chunks of time on your calendar for all the tasks related to the moving process. You can also set up reminders on special apps to keep track of the most important things you need to do.

3. Get moving estimates from different companies

Finding the right movers is crucial, especially when moving over a long distance. Besides, most likely, you want to find a white glove moving service to ensure that all your precious possessions are in professional hands. The good news is that there are many reliable moving companies out there, so you have plenty of options. You can request free moving quotes from different service providers in order to find the one that suits your budget and requirements best.

4. Take care of your art and antiques

Paintings, porcelain figurines, chandeliers, antique mirrors, and other valuable and fragile items require special packing and handling. Thereby, when selecting a moving company, make sure that it is proficient in transporting fine art and antiques. If you own a large collection of artworks, it is highly recommended that you opt for a professional art shipping company with years of experience in the art logistics field.

5. Consider custom-built wooden crates

While you can pack most of your belongings yourself, some items (e.g., large paintings, delicate antiques, etc.) still need to be packed by professionals. Moreover, if you have too fragile and sensitive pieces, consider crating them in wooden crates. Such crates can be built by professional crate makers both in special crate shops and on-site, so ask your moving company about the options.

6. Purchase moving insurance

Check out your insurance to know exactly what it covers. If you have a limited insurance policy, or if it does not cover valuable and expensive items, you need to purchase a more comprehensive plan for your peace of mind. Since no one knows what may happen in transit, it is always better to protect your property from any potential damages.

Consider these tips, and your long-distance move will be as flawless and smooth as possible. Good luck!