How to Pack Glass When Moving to Another Home?

How to pack glass

Moving to another home is a challenging process, and a helping hand is usually more than welcome. People start to realize that when it comes to packing and moving glass items that require extra care. These may include glassware, mirrors, chandeliers, decorative objects, and more. Often, such items are quite expensive and are difficult to replace, not to mention that cleaning broken shards of glass is never fun. In this blog post, we want to focus on the process of moving breakables and give you some tips on how to pack glass when relocating to another home.

How to Pack Glass When Moving to Another Home?

It is true that glass items are super fragile, but it does not mean that you cannot move them without breaking anything. The best you can do to ensure that every single piece is delivered to your new home in its perfect condition is hire a white glove moving company able to take care of the entire process from A to Z. Working with professionals means that your fragile items are in reliable hands and that all efforts are made to ensure that they are fully protected in transit. But how to pack glass items if you decide to do it yourself? Here are several tips to follow.

  • Wrap each item in glassine paper and then in bubble wrap. Carefully secure each wrapping with tape.
  • Pick a durable middle-sized cardboard box and pad it with cushioning material.
  • Carefully place the items into the box and add more cushioning material for extra protection.
  • Secure the box with packing tape and label it with “Fragile” and “Handle with care” labels.
  • Ship large and expensive items in custom wooden crates for their utmost protection in transit.

How to Pack Glass When Moving to Another Home

Now you know how to pack glass items, but, still, it is highly recommended that you hire professional movers for this job. Not all glass objects are the same, and some of them will need an individual approach to packing and relocation that only moving experts can provide.