How to Organize Fine Art or Antique Delivery from the Auction House?

How to Organize Fine Art or Antique Delivery from the Auction House?

Anyone who has ever been to an auction knows the atmosphere of excitement and sometimes nervousness, which prevails at these events. But what happens when a treasured piece of art or antique is purchased? Of course, the long process of completing the necessary title transfer documents begins. What else? Someone has to arrange fine art or antique delivery from the auction house. 

Fine Art or Antique Delivery from the Auction House: Fine Art Shippers Can Help 

There are numerous auction houses in New York City, including world-renowned ones, such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips, and Bonhams. If you have purchased a work of art or antique from one of the New York-based auction houses, we recommend that you take a closer look at the services offered by Fine Art Shippers.

Fine Art Shippers has extensive experience in shipping items from auctions to their new home, be it a private residence, an art gallery, or a freeport. Fine art or antique delivery from the auction house includes the following services.

The Fine Art Shippers team will professionally pack all your purchases at the agreed time to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your newly acquired items. For the most fragile and oddly shaped works of art and antiques, we recommend using a wooden crate. A custom crate will minimize the risk of breakage during transit to the warehouse. Sometimes, auction houses take care of the packing process themselves, so it would be useful to clarify this information with a particular auction house in advance.

After everything is packed, Fine Art Shippers will carefully load the items into a vehicle specially equipped to transport fragile goods and transport them to wherever you need them to be. We deliver art throughout the United States and also provide international art shipping services by air or sea.

In addition to the service of art and antique delivery from the auction house, Fine Art Shippers offers a white glove delivery option. This premium service may include not only the transportation of items but also the unpacking, placement, and assembly of the purchased antiques or works of art in the buyer’s home or gallery.

To conclude, the Fine Art Shippers team of skilled art handlers is always happy to assist you with a task of any complexity. Request a free quote online or call our team directly.