How Should Proper Fragile Goods Transport Be Equipped?

How Should Proper Fragile Goods Transport Be Equipped

Transporting fragile goods requires special care and attention to prevent damage during transit. When considering how to transport valuable works of art or fragile interior furnishings, the question of how fragile goods transport should be equipped may logically arise. Isn’t an ordinary truck sufficient if the item is packed well? In this blog post, we take a closer look at these issues. 

Well-Equipped Fragile Goods Transport: A Checklist 

In addition to choosing professional packing or art crating and hiring experienced art handlers, it’s important to make sure that the vehicle being used for the shipment meets the standards of fragile goods transport. Specialized vehicles typically have:

  • Intelligent fixing and securing systems. The worst enemies of any artwork in transit are constant movement and abrupt shifts. To avoid them, art shipping companies always equip their vehicles with straps and other securing mechanisms.
  • Air-ride suspension systems. This can help reduce vibration and shock during overland transportation. Careful packing with extra cushioning layers also helps absorb shock and vibration during transport, reducing the risk of breakage, but it’s not enough for long transit.
  • Climate control system. Temperature and humidity fluctuations can affect fragile and old items, so maintaining a stable environment inside the cargo hold is essential to keeping them in good condition. Custom wooden crates also play an important role in maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels.
  • GPS tracking. This and other monitoring systems are also good when it comes to transporting extra luxurious works of art. It allows everyone to worry less about the location of fragile goods and intervene in real-time if unforeseen problems arise.

Most regular shipping companies do not have this equipment in their vehicles because they move all packages in one standard cargo hold. In addition, they can’t guarantee special handling for fragile items. Finally, the item may be lost in transit. So, while the services of regular shippers may seem more cost-effective than those of fine art shipping companies, they also come with more risk of your items getting damaged in transit.

Why Opt for Specialized Fragile Goods Shipping Services?

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