Art Crating and Shipping: Two Services That Usually Go Together

Art Crating and Shipping

You have probably seen the large wooden containers being brought into a museum or gallery. Professionals call them art shipping crates. The word speaks for itself: they are used to transport artwork from one location to another. Why do art crating and shipping usually go together? And is there another way to ship artwork and antiques? Read our blog post to find out the answers to these questions. 

Art Crating and Shipping: Options to Consider 

Art shipping doesn’t actually always mean art crating. Many works of art can be shipped in art plastic, bubble wrap, foam, and cardboard without damaging them, especially when it comes to domestic or short-distance shipments. This type of packing is called soft packing. For sturdy artworks that are less susceptible to damage, such as sculptures made of durable materials or framed paintings without glass, soft packing is sufficient. In addition, canvases that are not framed or stretched do not necessarily require a crate. Instead, they can be carefully rolled, packed, and shipped in a secure tube.

In some cases, however, art crating is essential. For example, if you’re shipping your artwork internationally, it’s important to use a company that offers both art crating and shipping services. The fact is that during air or sea transportation, cargo is exposed to significant external influences such as shock, vibration, temperature, and humidity changes. Only a sturdy custom wooden crate made by a professional carpenter can protect a fragile work of art from all these problems.

Fine Art Shippers: Art Crating Professionals

Art crating is also a must for valuable, delicate, and oddly shaped works of art and antiques. For example, Fine Art Shippers’ art handlers always choose custom art crates to provide the maximum protection to high-value artworks that need to be transported over long distances. Besides, such works of art are not only transported but also stored in wooden crates for better protection from external influences. That’s why art crating is not just about shipping.

If you are looking for trustworthy art crating and shipping services, the Fine Art Shippers team is always at your service. We have 27 years of experience in fine art shipping and are ready for tasks of any complexity.