How Do Art Storage Facilities Protect Art from Natural Disasters?

How Do Art Storage Facilities Protect Art from Natural Disasters

With the effects of climate change getting more apparent with each passing year, thinking about natural disasters a bit more often than usual is completely normal. All of us want to feel secure and be able to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our valuable belongings from harm. All art collectors have wondered, at least, once about what to do when a hurricane strikes or a flood submerges everything in water. Of course, the first thing anyone will think of is how to get themselves and their family somewhere safe. In case of emergency, taking care of artwork will probably not be an immediate priority. This is why many experienced art collectors keep their valuables in specialized art storage facilities.

How Do Art Storage Facilities Protect Art from Natural Disasters?

Keeping an art collection in one of your local art storage facilities is a great idea. Not only will it protect your pieces from day-to-day issues, such as mold, insects, harsh temperature changes, and direct sunlight, but it will also serve as a fortress keeping your artworks safe if a natural disaster occurs. But how exactly will it do that?

First, the sole purpose of art storage facilities is to be safe and secure. People who design the storage space take into account all possible outcomes, including those that are the most commonly occurring. For example, in certain areas of the US, the threat of hurricanes must be kept in mind at all times. To protect artworks from flood damage, many storage facilities are placed several floors above the ground level. Most of them also have backup energy generators to maintain the artificially created microclimate in case the power goes out.

Second, professional art storage facilities are operated by people who are trained to handle valuables and make sure they are carefully inspected, properly stored, and evacuated when necessary. These are usually experienced art handlers who can make decisions in stressful situations that require immediate action.

Finally, items kept in specialized storage facilities are insured. While insurance can only restore the monetary value of a rare exclusive piece and not the actual object, it is still an essential thing that all art collectors should invest in.

As you can see, opting for professional art storage services is a good idea if you are an art collector. Emergency or not, you will always be sure that your precious collection is in safe hands.