Harder Than It Looks: How to Ship Framed Artwork Across the US

Harder Than It Looks: How to Ship Framed Artwork Across the US

Shipping framed art is a curious thing. It is easy to take responsibility for your actions before shipping, and it is way harder to be accountable for the results and take ownership of your mistakes after it. Artworks don’t forget miscalculations, so the first questions that you need to answer are how aware you are of the shipping risks and how good you can be at avoiding them. If you are wondering how to ship framed artwork across the country without smashing your pieces into smithereens, you might want to acknowledge the fact that it is harder than it looks. After that, it is important to start from the very beginning and learn how to prevent mistakes before they kill your enthusiasm.

How to Ship Framed Artwork Across the US and Keep Your Art Safe?

Learn more about artwork frames

There are all sorts of picture frames out there, and most of them are not for the sake of aesthetics only. Frames hold protective qualities against UV light and mechanical damage. And the more you know about them, the more effective your efforts will be.

Harder Than It Looks: How to Ship Framed Artwork Across the US

Pay attention to the mistakes of others

So when you start digging on the internet with the hope to find answers to your questions, you can usually learn more about other people’s experiences. Mistakes are valuable resources in this case. It can be anything, from packing mistakes and equipment issues to incompetent shippers. If you manage to collect enough information, you will then have a valuable pocket guide in your mind.

Don’t rush the process

Once you have discovered and filtered a lot of useful information, your fingers may be itching to jump right into the process. However, if you want to know how to ship framed artwork across the US safely, you better hold your horses. At such a moment, you need to put the collected information to good use and plan your shipping strategy step-by-step.

Trust the professionals

Whenever you encounter problems and feel that you need help, never hesitate to rely on professionals. It means that you can adequately assess your skills and want to avoid risks. In other words, it is just another step to your success.

Harder Than It Looks, but You Can Do It

By mixing patience and responsibility, you can successfully ship your artworks with fewer problems on your way. If you still hesitate about how to ship framed artwork across the US, you can act on the last piece of advice and turn to Fine Art Shippers for further help.