George Karpis – The Best Expert in the Field of Russian Art

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Want to know the real value of the artwork you are going to buy or sell? It is needless to say that the value assessment of art is best done by an expert. However, since not all experts are fully competent to deal with your particular artwork, it is of utmost importance to find the right specialist for this job. For example, what if you are interested in the fair market value of your antique Russian icons? Where to find such an expert in New York? Fine Art Shippers would definitely recommend George Karpis, probably the best Russian art expert in this part of the United States.

George Karpis

If you want to know the real value of the artwork in one way or another related to Russian art, George Karpis is exactly the specialist you need. Possessing over 45 years of experience, George Karpis has skills and expertise to give you an appraisal valuation for any purpose. His extensive knowledge in pre-revolutionary Russian art, antiques, icons, and other collectibles allows this amazing person to serve many private collectors, fine art dealers, and auctioneers wishing to know the fair value of the artwork they are going to sell or buy. Overall, you will hardly find a more qualified Russian art expert in New York than George Karpis. Whatever your needs, he can help! Besides, George Karpis can also assist you with purchasing truly unique and valuable pieces of antique Russian art. Highly recommended by Fine Art Shippers!