Five Proven Tips for Shipping Fine Art Prints

Have you ever tried to ship fine art prints before? A fine art print, especially if it comes from a limited edition, is a high-quality print that retains and even increases in value over time. For this reason, shipping fine art prints is not the same as shipping most other items, which means that you should be very careful when transporting these valuables across the country or internationally.

Five Proven Tips for Shipping Fine Art Prints

1. Proper packaging

Pack the box as tight as you can. If a lot of space is left over, try to find a smaller-size packaging or fill in the empty space with cushioning material. If you are shipping several prints in a single box, make sure to wrap each one separately.

2. The right packing materials

It goes without saying that to choose a proper packaging method and a sturdy box for your fine art prints is not enough to ensure that everything arrives intact. The quality of bubble wrap, foam packaging, packing paper, etc. also matters a lot, so be very careful when selecting packing materials for your fine art prints.

3. Insurance

Nobody wants to receive their precious works of art damaged or destructed. Therefore, always consider purchasing additional insurance. Just like homeowners insurance or health insurance, art insurance is your defense against the unexpected.

4. Order and delivery tracking

Most professional art moving companies provide an opportunity to track the items while in transit so that the customers could easily get all the needed information about the delivery status, geographical position, driving and vehicle data of their priceless possessions, etc. If you want peace of mind, hire art shippers using this technological solution to have a good night’s sleep.

5. The right art courier

Choosing the right shipping service provider is crucial when it comes to shipping fine art prints and other art pieces over a long distance. Make sure that your moving company is experienced enough and can provide you with an effective solution tailored to your specific needs.

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