Fine Art Storage in NYC: What to Look Out for in Service Providers

Fine Art Storage in NYC What to Look Out for in Service Providers

Are you in search of a suitable art storage option in New York City? Then you have probably gone through dozens of websites trying to make the right decision. While there are a lot of reliable art logistics companies providing storage services in the Big Apple, you cannot simply entrust your precious belongings to some random company. Of course, top-notch fine art storage in NYC can be pretty pricey, but a careless mistake will cost you a lot more than just money. Here are some things you should know to protect yourself from unscrupulous companies and hasty decisions.

Fine Art Storage in NYC: What to Look Out for in Service Providers

There is no information about the company available

Any respectable fine art logistics company must have information about it in open access. If a company has no online presence in the form of a website and social media pages, it might be a sign that this company is a scam. You should also be concerned if the company has no client reviews or if those it has sound fake.

The company refuses to be fully transparent with you

If you find yourself struggling to get the information you need from the company’s representatives, it might be a good sign that they are not trustworthy. There is nothing wrong with not having all the details at the very first stages, but you should have a full understanding of what you are signing up for.

The prices are too low

Getting a good deal is always a pleasant thing. However, while finding cost-efficient art storage options that stay within reasonable price limits is possible, the deal should not be too good. If you notice a significant difference between the rates offered by your company and those offered by other art logistics companies in New York, there might be something wrong.

The company’s facilities are too far away

This one is simply a matter of convenience. If you do not mind the distance, you can choose an art storage facility pretty much anywhere. However, there are many great options for fine art storage in NYC, so you can easily pick something near you. In case of emergencies, it is always better to stay close to your precious possessions.

Finding fine art storage in NYC might seem tricky, but, in the end, you will be glad you took your time.