Fine Art Shippers: An Art Logistics Company You Can Trust

Fine Art Shippers An Art Logistics Company You Can Trust

Artworks travel much throughout their lifetimes. They often change hands, being bought and sold by art connoisseurs and private collectors. They may be gifted, transferred as heritage, or displayed at international exhibitions in many corners of the globe. Whatever the case for art transportation, you need to plan the process accordingly. This is where an art logistics company like Fine Art Shippers can help.

The Basics of Art Logistics

So, what can you expect from an art logistics company? What do such companies generally do? In the broadest sense, logistics is the process of planning and performing efficient and safe transportation of goods from point A to point B. Thus, art logistics providers plan the route for every item they need to ship with proper regard to optimal transportation phases, secure storage in the process of transit, and safe handling of objects throughout the whole process.

When it comes to shipping fine art, only an art logistics company can do things right. Art objects are very vulnerable to improper handling and can be damaged even with a single careless move of the inexperienced shipping staff. That’s why it’s important to hire only shippers specializing specifically in fine art, as they know the specifics of handling various art objects.

However, the process of art logistics doesn’t only entail shipping in its classical sense. Art objects require many other services, which we at Fine Art Shippers readily provide. These include:

  • onsite art packaging at your location;
  • art pick-up from your place for further crating in our NYC warehouse;
  • safe transportation of fine art across the USA by our specially equipped art shuttles;
  • provision of short-term and long-term storage in a secure art storage unit;
  • assistance with art insurance;
  • assistance with international shipment.

Why Is Fine Art Shippers Your Best Art Logistics Company?

If you’re looking for a reliable provider of art shipping services, there’s no need to search further. You’re already in the right place, as Fine Art Shippers has been specializing in art logistics for almost three decades and possesses reputable BBB accreditation. We know how to schedule an optimal route with a minimal number of touchpoints so that your art objects remain safe and secure throughout the transit. Our art handlers and logistics managers will design the shortest route to save you time and money, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your artwork’s complete safety from start to finish.