David Hockney — One of the Most Influential Living Artists

So diverse and inhomogeneous, art has always been a way for people of various internal compositions to express their feelings and thoughts. Some create multifaceted abstract pieces, some opt for depicting reality, and some, like David Hockney, connect reality with a dream to capture the essence of the moment and make a canvas live in the viewer’s memory. One of the most prominent and influential living artists, David Hockney is a British cultural icon whose work has greatly contributed to the development of Pop Art and contemporary art on the whole.

David Hockney – one of the most influential living artists

David Hockney is a living legend of contemporary art, known for his unique style that was born from many years of experimenting with different art genres and approaches. From the artist’s birth (1937, Brandford, England) to today (Los Angeles, CA), his manifold art has seen a couple of major transformations. The same goes for Hockney’s areas of specializations that entail drawing, photography, printmaking, and scenography.

Most people know David Hockney for his legendary A Bigger Splash, Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy and the world-famous Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) that was sold for more than $90 million at Christie’s New York in 2018.

David Hockney — One of the Most Influential Living Artists

David Hockney’s art is like a breath of fresh air for the industry. It is always fascinating to see how the artist is fixing time and space in his works, brilliantly creating a motionless setting full of calm suspense. You may love him for his Yorkshire landscapes, his swimming pools, or colorful gardens, but what appeals most of all is his artistic honesty and commitment to art in general.

The love for his job makes David Hockney one of those influential living artists whose art has shaped the entire generation and extended to infinity. Make sure to see David Hockney’s works to feel the temper of our times!

Photo credit: Flickr User Gandalf’s Gallery / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0