Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI”

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Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI” is an art advisory agency and fine art gallery with offices in Moscow and Nice. Established to develop and maintain cultural cooperation between Russia and other countries, it collaborates with a number of selected contemporary artists, bringing their art to a wider audience, including at the international art fairs and shows. Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI” also has well-established relationships with various art institutions, art businesses, museums, and galleries in Russia, France, and worldwide. The gallery is known for its support of artistic freedom and creativity. All artists represented by Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI” are free to express themselves through their art in ways that are most meaningful to them, hence such a diversity of interesting and innovative works. The list of gallery’s artists includes Larisa Gerasimchuk, Evgeniya Maltseva, Nikolay Kuznetsov, Konstantin Fomin, Serge Lis Eliseev, Viktoria Veisbrut, Elena Zima, Daria Avdeeva, and many other talented people with a unique artistic vision. Such an approach to creating and popularization of contemporary art allows Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI” to help develop the Russian art scene and promote different cultural activities in society. This gallery is, without a doubt, one of the best in Moscow, and we are happy to partner and collaborate with them.