How to Ship Diamonds?

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” These words from the song performed by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” are still incredibly popular among both men and women. Now you don’t need to rack your brain about the perfect gift for your beloved one for the Birthday or any other significant event. However, sometimes you don’t have an opportunity to buy a piece of jewelry in person. For example, it may happen that there is a small selection in your hometown, and you want to give something really special! Such a problem can be solved with the help of the ubiquitous Internet! Thanks to it, you can even participate in the jewelry auction sales abroad! In this way, a question is how to transport your precious piece of jewelry and be sure that it is safe and secure? The best answer is to use professional services of the company specializing in the local and international transportation of valuable objects, in particular, in shipping diamonds.

Taking into consideration the high value of the transported items, there are many difficulties that may appear during the process of transportation. That’s why, shipping diamonds is a troublesome and very serious work that cannot be entrusted to anyone. This applies to a small number of personal jewelry pieces, and certainly to the large quantity of the precious cargo. So what are the main aspects of the local and international diamond shipping?

1. Do not transport your jewelry pieces or even uncut stones without providing them with decent security. Use special vehicles, armored vans, and containers that significantly reduce the risk of robbery. Moreover, use the services of the professional security organizations that can protect the safety of your possessions from the illegal acts.

2. Ensure the availability of all necessary documentation. After all, if a few rings in the personal luggage may not cause problems, the truck filled with lots of expensive precious items always requires a formal report to law enforcement agencies. This is necessary for crossing the border, as well as for any operations within the country.

3. Precious cargo requires special care and effort in its packaging. Choose the best option for each type of transported items, whether it is fine finished jewelry or just raw materials, in order to deliver everything without any losses. Electronic safe with the fingerprint authentication and pin code system is a great idea actually!

4. Calculate the optimal route in order not to stand in traffic jams for long periods and overcome dangerous sections of road. It is better to choose reliable proven central streets or public roads with highway patrol that will also increase the level of security.

5. Never skimp on insurance! After all, we live in a dangerous time when unexpected events may happen. So it is better to take care of the safety of your property.

Anyway, Fine Art Shippers can provide any services connected with shipping diamonds, jewelry, and other valuable items! In this way, make precious gifts for your beloved ones and we will ensure that your purchases arrive safe and sound!