Beyond Borders: How Fine Art Shipping Services Connect Masterpieces

How Fine Art Shipping Services Connect Masterpieces

There are many fine art objects with exceptional cultural and historical value around the world. They all represent an essential layer of human cultural heritage, which transcends the boundaries of national legacy or personal property and can be largely regarded as global. However, seeing these masterpieces has for a long time been made possible only by traveling to the art gallery or museum where they are held. This peculiarity deprived millions of art appreciators of the privilege of seeing artworks with their own eyes because of the owners’ concern about transportation safety. Luckily, things have changed with modern fine art shipping practices and advancements.

Rare Exhibitions: Once-in-a-lifetime Chance to See Some Paintings

This situation is pretty common in the world of top-tier art – many famous painters’ works are scattered around the world, some held in museums and galleries, and others sealed from public view in private collections. Thus, it is always a great chance to see them as soon as a thematic exhibition is held, and many old masterpieces travel to a single venue due to professional, safe fine art shipping services.

One such example is the Vermeer exhibition held in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. It opened in February 2023, featuring 28 out of less than 40 paintings attributed to Johannes Vermeer, a 17th-century Dutch painter with a huge impact on the world of art. Since all of these paintings are very old and fragile, they rarely travel across the globe, and only an extensive effort by the Rijksmuseum’s administration made that exhibition possible.

Another unprecedented event in the fine art world is the recent opening of Andrew Wyeth’s exhibition by the Wyeth Foundation for American Art. The collection of 7,000 artworks created by Wyeth throughout almost 70 years of his artistic career was turned over to the Brandywine River Museum of Art in Pennsylvania, ushering in a new period of Wyeth art’s accessibility to the public.

There are many other cases of unique paintings’ rare display for the public, each of which is an exclusive happening made possible with safe art handling and shipping services, allowing art to travel and please its appreciators across the globe.

How Fine Art Shipping Services Connect Masterpieces

Luckily for huge numbers of art connoisseurs without an opportunity to travel around the world in a hunt for live exhibitions of their favorite art objects, the fine art shipping industry has revolutionized and democratized people’s access to art. It’s made possible with top-quality packaging materials, custom wooden crates for ultimate protection from physical shocks and environmental conditions, and careful art handling by trained experts.