Best Shipping Service for Fragile Items: Art Handler’s Bible

Best Shipping Service for Fragile Items

Every art owner wants to have a safe bet when they hire a shipping service for their valuable belongings. That’s why finding the best shipping service for fragile items is a pressing need for all quality-cautious clients wishing to get safety guarantees. It’s much easier and more reassuring to work with people who know everything about art and can handle it with the utmost care and delicacy you expect.

But what does this concept mean to you? Which art-handling practices distinguish a top-tier service provider? Here are a few pointers that may help you find a really worthy expert for your fragile art shipping project.

Best Shipping Service for Fragile Items: Art Handler’s Bible 

The first and most essential value in the art shipping company’s code is utmost care for safety. The concept of safety relates to the art handlers themselves, their team members, the space where they are operating, and the art object.

Experienced art handlers should always inspect the object before starting to pack and move it. If any defects are noticed at the initial inspection, they should be documented and verified with the art owner. It is also vital to double-check the components of which the artwork is composed; some materials may be soft or fragile, and others may be toxic. That’s why the specific mode of packing and handling is chosen after the object’s thorough examination.

The best shipping service for fragile items also includes separating loose or moving parts from the transported artwork, with their separate packaging using archival tissue paper, glassine paper, art plastic, or soft foam if needed. These parts are then attached to the main object and properly labeled for its later assembly at the destination point.

You can also judge the quality of the shipping company’s operations by looking at how well their teamwork is organized. There should always be a person in charge – the one who communicates the packaging and transportation plan, discusses the process with team members, answers the client’s questions, and coordinates the whole procedure. It is not necessarily a formally appointed person; informal leads can also effectively manage a fine art shipping team without problems.

Experienced art handlers work without rush, approaching every task with consideration. They move slowly around the artwork and act very carefully when carrying the packaged objects to and from the art shuttle.

We at Fine Art Shippers follow all safety and quality principles and are ready to deliver the best shipping service for fragile items to our clients. Contact us for further details and experience the best service in the art shipping industry.