Fragile Courier Service: Backstage of Your Property’s Transit

Fragile Courier Service: Backstage of Your Property’s Transit

Every owner of fragile, delicate fine art wants their property to be treated with due care and professionalism at any stage, be it delivery, installation, or transit to another location. That’s why the fragile courier service is always a secure solution for the transportation of your valuable belongings. How can an art shipping provider guarantee your objects’ safety? How does a fragile courier service differ from regular shipping services you can order from a local transportation firm? Let’s find it out.

Fragile Courier Service: Backstage of Your Property’s Transit

What do we mean when talking about specialized courier service for fragile items? In most cases, an art object is characterized as fragile if it is made of vulnerable and easily damaged material, such as glass, marble, or clay. It is also relevant for old, antique objects in deteriorating condition and requiring extra-careful handling at all stages of transportation.

Therefore, if any of your art objects meets the criteria we’ve mentioned above, it’s time to think of a fragile courier service to ensure comprehensive protection for your property. Specially trained fragile art couriers usually:

  • work in gloves to prevent any fingerprints on the surface of your fragile object;
  • apply professional packaging materials and techniques specifically suited to your art object;
  • use professional tools to guarantee accurate and safe packaging and handling procedures;
  • handle fragile art safely during pick-up from your location and delivery to the warehouse for crating or further transportation to the destination point;
  • update the company and the client about the real-time progress of the shipment to guarantee timely monitoring of the order’s completion;
  • accompany the assigned freight throughout its entire trip.

Apart from these characteristics, you may also expect your fragile items courier to exhibit courtesy in communication, punctuality, and attention to detail in the process of your shipping order’s execution. Therefore, when hiring a courier for fragile items, you receive a fully dedicated professional with relevant expertise and a large set of professional skills.

Fine Art Shippers: Your Dedicated Fragile Shipping Company

Whenever you need a fragile courier service, turning to Fine Art Shippers will be a wise decision. Our company has been operating in this industry for almost 30 years to date, accumulating in-depth expertise with careful handling of all types of art. Therefore, your items are safe and intact in our hands; you can sleep well at night, knowing your property will arrive at the destination point without risks or damage.