Best Practices for Organizing Fragile Items Shipping in 2024

Best Practices for Organizing Fragile Items Shipping in 2024

If you’re a collector of antiques and have some very old and delicate art objects in your possession, you may require the fragile items shipping service sooner or later. Be it a trip to an international exhibition or a regular relocation to another residence, your fragile works of art need careful treatment that only a professional company can guarantee.

Best Practices for Organizing Fragile Items Shipping in 2024

Here are some basics of fragile items shipping that you should keep in mind when organizing the transportation of your belongings.

#1 Expert Evaluation

Old, fragile art is a category of collectibles, which requires exclusive care and attention at all stages of handling. That’s why we recommend completing an expert evaluation before the transportation so that the art owner knows the original condition of their belongings and can compare it with the state in which the fragile art is delivered to the destination point. The artwork’s condition should be thoroughly documented with photo or video materials.

#2 Thorough Packaging

Once the objects are evaluated and documented, it’s time to complete the professional packaging process. Experienced art handlers should disassemble all moving parts to package them separately and avoid scratches and chips in the process of transportation. Notably, all fragile art objects are packed with the help of acid-free materials that have minimal adhesiveness and don’t stick to the objects’ surfaces.

#3 Delicate Handling

After the packaging process is over, it’s time to have the object moved into a specialized art shuttle for further transportation. At times, fragile items also need additional crating, which is decided by the client together with the shipping company. Whatever the final packaging option, experienced art handlers move the object into the shuttle and have it fixed to avoid movement and damage during transit.

#4 Right Insurance

A vital aspect of fragile art transportation is insurance; collectibles are very vulnerable, so they require proper coverage. Discuss the coverage options with your art shipper and choose a policy that covers your needs, such as transit, storage, or installation.

Entrust Your Fragile Art to Fine Art Shippers

As you can see, the fragile items shipping process requires time and effort to organize the whole process safely. Thus, it makes sense to turn to professionals and delegate the entire planning and executing procedure to them. Fine Art Shippers has qualified art handling staff experienced in dealing with fragile art. Thus, we can complete the transportation of your fragile collection in line with all safety requirements and free you from the hassle of doing it all on your own.