Benefits of Using Professional White Glove Home Delivery Service

White glove home delivery

We all live on the move right now, so assistance of white glove movers is what we need from time to time. Be it a purchase of a new exquisite piece of furniture for your dining room or transportation of a newly acquired artwork from a recent auction – the white glove home delivery service is exactly what you need to have your items moved and placed safe and sound.

But how can you be sure about the quality of service before you actually receive it? We have compiled some expert tips to help you choose the best white glove home delivery company or to detect an unreliable, incompetent vendor in advance, thus avoiding the risk of property damage.

When May You Need White Glove Delivery Service?   

Clients make use of the white glove home delivery services on many occasions. They may be relevant for those who need some items unloaded and placed in the room, or for those who have recently bought some item from a store or auction and need professionals to handle its packing, shipment, unpacking, and installation.

Features of a Great White Glove Service

Home delivery is nothing new; so, why exactly “white glove”? What distinguishes a regular delivery service from a white glove home delivery service? Here’s the difference:

  • The term “white glove” has come to mean professional, meticulous services rendered in compliance with the highest standards of the sector.
  • Handlers providing white glove delivery services always take extra effort to handle items delicately and safely, knowing which fragile objects require special treatment.
  • Vendors of white glove services always provide all-inclusive services such as careful packing, safe shipment, handling and installation, as well as removal of all waste and packaging.

In such a way, clients receive turnkey home delivery services with nothing to take care about – no waste, no haste, no stress. A much user-friendlier alternative to a traditional delivery service that suggests the client’s active participation and responsibility for cleaning up at the end.

How Can Fine Art Shippers Help?

Fine Art Shippers is a professional vendor of white glove transportation services across the USA and in other countries. With our movers serving customers anywhere, from New York to Moscow, you may rest assured that we will manage any shipment, be it sophisticated, fragile art delivery or relocation of the entire residence with heavy-weight furniture. Get a free quote from our managers today to find out how affordable a moving and shipping service may be!