At the Edge: Thea Schrack’s New Art Exhibit at Bryant Street Gallery

Thea Schrack’s New Art Exhibit at Bryant Street Gallery

“Everland 2,” photo print

The Palo Alto-based Bryant Street Gallery is now hosting a gorgeous exhibition that perfectly combines acrylic and encaustic painting with the art of photography. The new art exhibit – “At the Edge” – is a solo show of the prominent San Francisco painter and photographer Thea Schrack, featuring the artist’s most recent works in different media. The art exhibition is on view at Bryant Street Gallery through July 15, 2021. The opening reception will be this Saturday, June 12, 12-4 pm.

A New Art Exhibit of Thea Schrack at Bryant Street Gallery

“At the Edge” is Thea Schrack’s fourth exhibition with Bryant Street Gallery. However, this new art exhibit is a distinct one because it captures the span of the artist’s abilities and styles, as well as the unusual circumstances in which the art pieces were created.

The art exhibition features artworks that Thea Schrack created in San Francisco during the lockdown. These include enigmatic photographs, subtle encaustic art pieces, and large-scale acrylic paintings, all representing Schrack’s new body of work, which has shifted from the purely representational to the much bolder abstract.

Thea Schrack’s New Art Exhibit at Bryant Street Gallery

“Crash 1,” acrylic on raw canvas

Thea Schrack’s new art exhibit is full of all shades of blue. The artist says, “When I resist blue, it rushes at me, I can’t hold it back. Blue became my stabilizing color in this work from 2019-2021.” The ocean is what one can see in most of her recent paintings and photographs. However, it is no longer a subject only; it is Schrack’s inspiration for transcendence, meditation, and experimentation, as well as a bridge between different mediums she uses in her work.

Thea Schrack’s New Art Exhibit at Bryant Street Gallery

“Destination Unknown,” photo encaustic

Thea Schrack’s recent paintings and photo prints are all displayed together at Bryant Street Gallery’s “At the Edge” to show the artist’s multifaceted mastery across a range of mediums. If you happen to be in Palo Alto, this art exhibition is definitely something you do not want to miss!

Photo courtesy of Bryant Street Gallery