Art Shipping Crates: How to Make a Crate by Yourself?

Art Shipping Crates

Many shipping companies use wooden art shipping crates when it is necessary to transport different pieces of art: paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, etc. Art shipping crates in combination with different kinds of wraps and fillers are considered the best packing for such fragile items as antiquities. Wooden art shipping crates are created individually for each piece of art according to its dimensions. Although it may require some time and efforts, it is easy to build DIY art shipping crates at home.

Art Shipping Crates: How Are They Built?

Here is a good step-by step instruction on how to build a wooden crate by yourself:

  • Measure your piece of art.

If you want to make a crate to pack a painting, for example, you need to learn its dimensions – length, width, and height. Don’t forget to add at least 2 inches to these dimensions because you will need a place to use different wraps and/or fillers.

  • Buy wooden materials.

For a well-built crate, you will need such materials as: OSB or plywood panels to cut out top and bottom parts of the box, the same panels or thinner for side parts, and 1.5″ screws.

  • Prepare necessary tools.

You will need an electric screwdriver, a saw, and protective goggles.

  • Mark pieces of wood.

Don’t forget that it is necessary to mark the pieces of wood before cutting them. You may mark them as “A” and “B”, for example, to make it easier to work with them.

  • Cut wood following your dimensions.

Start cutting wood according to your final dimensions. Don’t forget to put on protective goggles before cutting.

  • Space sheetrock screws on your A and B pieces.

First, screw the side panel along the edges. Then, screw the left and right panels along their vertical edges. Further on, screw front and back parts of a future crate onto vertical edges. Finally, screw the base part.

  • Pack your artwork.

Now, it is high time to use various packing materials to pack your painting in a proper way. After your painting is wrapped, place it in the ready box, and fill free space with amortizing filler (paper, wood fiber, etc.) to avoid any mechanical damages.

  • Screw the top of your box.

Done! Now you know how to build a DIY crate. However, it should be noticed that professional art shipping companies have more experience in this field; that is why, it is better to delegate this task to them if you have no proper skills or materials.