Art Packing on a Budget: Protect Your Art Without Breaking the Bank

Art Packing on a Budget

As someone who knows the value of fine art, you must be prepared to do anything to protect your precious collection, even if that means breaking the bank. But did you know that buying expensive materials is not always a necessity? In most cases, you can ensure your valuables remain safe and secure during storage or transportation without spending ridiculous amounts of money. Today, we have prepared some affordable art packing tips for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts.


Cardboard is an art lover’s best friend. Not only is it cheap and easily attainable, but it is also great for protecting your works of art from excessive moisture, impact damage, and light exposure. Cardboard boxes and sheets can serve as a protective barrier between your valuable possessions and the outside world.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is another packing material that is very commonly used in all areas of logistics but can be especially useful when it comes to preparing artwork for transportation. Wrapping a framed work of art in bubble wrap can save it from getting scratched, dented, and other unpleasant surprises. One issue with bubble wrap and other regular plastic materials is that you should never put them directly on the surface of your art. Simply put a sheet of acid-free paper between the piece and the bubble wrap to solve this problem.

Acid-free paper

Acid-free paper might sound fancy, but it is actually extremely affordable. This magical material prevents art from sticking to other surfaces and oxidizing, a process that causes deterioration over time. Acid-free paper, for example, glassine paper, is usually sold in bulk on Amazon and similar websites.

Do you ever need expensive art packing supplies?

While splurging on expensive art packing materials is not necessary in most cases, some problems might need relatively more pricey solutions than others. For example, if you are shipping something fragile, bulky, or expensive, regular packaging supplies like cardboard boxes will likely not suffice. Items that require special care should only be packed by professionals because they have the skills and access to materials you likely do not have. For instance, art shipping crates, which are often a must for shipping high-value breakables over long distances, can only be constructed by expert art handlers.