Art Packaging: Three Essential Qualities of a Secure Art Crate

Art Packaging Three Essential Qualities of a Secure Art Crate

The importance of packaging in fine art logistics cannot be overstated. The materials you choose to package your valuables will play a crucial role in ensuring their safety during the entire transportation. This is why professional art handlers often opt for art shipping crates. Made from sturdy and long-lasting materials, this type of art packaging acts as a hard protective shell between your fragile possessions and the world. Here is why art crates are often considered superior to other kinds of art-shipping containers.

High-quality materials

Most art crates are made from plywood. Professionals agree that there is no better option on the market yet. Plywood is relatively cheap yet sturdy and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Besides, it has other useful features like humidity buffering, which means additional protection.

Impact and puncture resistance

Art shipping crates made from plywood have thick walls that protect the objects inside from impact and puncture. This is especially crucial when it comes to transportation by land. Since roads can get pretty rough, it is necessary to ensure that fragile artworks and antiques have adequate protection to help them withstand shock and vibration. Moreover, when art crates are built, their walls are screwed or glued together. The very construction of art crates makes them resistant to any outside forces.


Crates are incredibly common in the art industry because they can be customized to fit practically any kind of object. Since art comes in all shapes and sizes, a perfect art packaging solution should reflect that. A regular ready-made shipping case will not work if a piece is oddly shaped or sized. Art shipping crates are custom-built to the exact measurements of the artwork by professional carpenters.

Why choose an art crate as an art packaging option?

Do you need to transport a massive, fragile, or highly valuable work of art? Then, an art shipping crate is the solution for you. With its durability and structural rigidity, this type of art shipping container is a perfect option for valuables that need a little bit more attention and care than others.

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