Art Logistics Services You Will Need to Pick Up Art from an Auction

Art Logistics Services You Will Need to Pick Up Art from an Auction

Have you ever wondered how artworks sold at auctions and art fairs get to their new owners? That is what art shipping companies exist for. Professional art handlers are the only ones who can be trusted with moving precious artworks that sometimes cost millions of dollars. In the art industry, mistakes can have catastrophic consequences, so art collectors prefer hiring professional art shippers rather than regular moving services. If you are only starting your art-collecting journey, you have to know which art handling services you might need to pick up art from an auction.

Three Art Logistics Services You Need to Pick Up Art from an Auction

Art packing and crating

Auction houses usually have their own art packers at hand. However, you can always make sure that the fine art logistics company of your choice handles the packaging of your precious pieces. Proper packaging is integral to the success of transportation since no work of art should ever be transported without a sturdy shell that will protect it from shock, vibration, and other potentially harmful outside influences.

Art transportation

Fine art shipping is far more complicated than relocating an item from point A to point B. After art handlers pick up art from an auction, they still have to deal with the most challenging and dangerous part of the journey. At this stage, everything must be perfect: the way the objects are loaded into the truck and secured to prevent them from moving, as well as the characteristics of the vehicle, can make a huge difference. Professional art shippers prefer using climate-controlled and air-suspended art trucks to protect their clients’ valuable possessions.

Art installation

Next comes installation. It is not always a necessity — some pieces can stay in the crates they arrived in for years before they ever end up on a wall. However, if an art collector decides they want their newly bought painting or sculpture installed right away, fine art specialists can always assist them. Fine art installation can be as simple as installing a couple of hooks, but that is not always the case. For example, it is better to leave hanging heavy or large pieces to expert art installers.

If you need to pick up art from an auction or art fair anywhere in the United States, you can always ask Fine Art Shippers for help. We will make sure your precious possessions arrive in perfect condition and on time.