Art Handling Experts: How to Become One?

Art handling

Most people do not know who art handlers are and what they do. It is likely due to the wide scope of work these specialists are engaged in. Art handling is not an easy job, but let’s try to go a little deeper into the ins and outs of this occupation. In this blog post, we will answer the most popular questions, including “who are art handlers?” and “how to become one?”

Who are art handling experts?                       

In a nutshell, art handlers are those who are engaged in packing, moving, storing, and installing artworks. An art handler is also often responsible for proper loading and unloading fine art and antiques into and from the truck to ensure the safety of the cargo and collaborating with other specialists performing art-related tasks. Overall, the protection of the art pieces is one of their main priorities.

Where do they work?

If you like to spend time in creative and artistic institutions, art handling is an ideal option. Most art handlers work in galleries, museums, auction houses, exhibition halls, and art moving companies. They deal with all types of visual art, from paintings and sculptures to antiques to ceramics and fine furniture. Art businesses and institutions hire professional art handlers to pack, install, and move artworks of any size and shape.

What skills are necessary to become an art handler?

Although there are no formal education requirements, it is better to have an artistic background. Thus, a degree in art history or museum studies will allow you to dig deeper into the art handling job and provide a better understanding of various types of art. Mechanical and communication skills are mandatory to supervise the artwork. However, the responsibility is probably the most crucial in this job since the safety of an art piece is high on the art handler’s list of duties.

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