Art Crating Services

antique packaging

Artwork transportation and handling, as well as art packing and crating, require such precision and skill that these services are considered a fine art themselves. At Fine Art Shippers, we know this like no other! Being engaged in this business for 20+ years, we work with modern artists, private art collectors, galleries, and auction houses from all over the world. What’s more, we love what we do! Our team of expert art moving professionals, fine art handlers, crate makers, art installers, and art collection managers is ready to provide you with any type of services you need, no matter whether it comes to local or international shipping, art installing, packing and crating, safe handling and couriering, antique piano moving, or fine furniture storage services.

At Fine Art Shippers, we deal with:

– Artworks of any size

– Museum art collections

– Antique pieces and artifacts

– Paintings of any value

– Ceramics and porcelain

– Precious objects

– Large sculptures

– Any type of art installation

– Antique furniture

– And other fine art pieces

Obviously, each artwork requires independent treatment that usually depends on its size, weight, and some other physical properties. This is especially important when it comes to the process of packing and crating. Therefore, we offer custom crating services for the most demanding customers and valuable artworks. At Fine Art Shippers, we hire only professional crate makers with extensive experience in engineering high-quality crates for shipping fragile items and large art pieces. This simply means that all of your precious possessions will be safe at any stage of the transportation process.

Types of custom crates you can order from Fine Art Shippers: 

1. Museum crate

Museum crates are the best possible custom crates that offer maximum protection for any artwork, from one-of-a-kind museum pieces and artifacts to most valuable paintings and large sculptures. Such crates are designed on an individual basis and may include additional travel frames or double crating, as well as water-resistant interior walls for the utmost protection.

2. Round-trip crate

Round-trip crates are designed with the use of museum-quality foam padding to be used multiple times. Each of them is built individually to fit a particular artwork precisely so that it could protect it for years.

3. Domestic one-way crate 

Domestic one-way custom crates represent cost-effective yet rather sturdy full-sided boxes usually made of plywood. However, they come without any skids or handles that makes such crates less convenient in use than round-trip ones.

4. Skeleton crate

Skeleton crates are another cost-effective solution for packaging artworks. Usually built for flat items, they represent simple slat crates. However, skeleton crates can be used for transportation of rather heavy objects weighing anything up to a couple of hundred pounds.

In addition to packing and crating services, we also offer art storage services that are crucial when you need to store your items before or after their transportation. At Fine Art Shippers, we can actually assist you with any issue related to moving, handling, and storing artworks. Just let us know about it, and we will be happy to help!