Art Canvas Storage: Three Solutions for Your Home Studio

Art Canvas Storage: Three Solutions for Your Home Studio

Keeping your art storage well-organized is the key to succeeding as an artist. First, it is much easier to work in a space where everything has a designated place. Second, you need to follow some basic art storage rules to preserve the prime condition of your artwork for a long time. Looking for the optimal fine art canvas storage solution? We have three suggestions that will help you maintain your art collection.

Art Canvas Storage: Three Solutions for Your Home Studio

Boxes and crates

Something as simple as a cardboard box can be a life-changing solution for your at-home storage. Boxes are great for storing canvases but remember to place your artworks vertically, separated from each other with acid-free layers. Mirror boxes used by moving companies for transportation and storage of fragile objects are also a good choice. Besides, if you have an art shipping crate left over from your last move, you can repurpose it for canvas storage. Make sure you are not storing your artwork directly on the floor to prevent it from absorbing moisture.

Art racks

Art storage racks are a time-proven canvas storage solution. They are often used by art institutions that own large painting collections because they do not take up much space and can fit almost anywhere. Art racks can be constructed from various materials and look like foldable nets. You can hang your canvases on an art rack, move them to the corner of your studio, and easily access them whenever you need.

Cardboard tubes

Many artists prefer rolling unstretched canvases for storage to save space. This practice is pretty widespread but should be followed with caution. Use shipping tubes made from thick cardboard as a base for your rolled canvas, and always cover your canvases with acid-free materials before putting them away. Most importantly, roll your canvas paintings with the paint facing out so it will not crack. Keeping canvases rolled up for a long time is not ideal, but it can be a great short-term storage or transportation solution.

There are many approaches you can take to art canvas storage, but opting for professional help is by far the best out of all of them. There are plenty of options for specialized art storage facilities in the New York area that offer professional services at a reasonable price.