How to Store Art in a Storage Unit: Rules Followed by Professionals

How to Store Art in a Storage Unit: Rules Followed by Professionals

If you ask the opinion of any fine art specialist on art storage, they will probably say there is nothing better than an art storage unit. Of course, there are tips you can follow to safely store artwork at home, but such a setting will never beat a professionally equipped facility. Are you wondering how art logistics companies achieve amazing results? Read on to learn how to store art in a storage unit like a pro.

How to Store Art in a Storage Unit: Rules Followed by Professionals

Temperature and humidity control

Temperature and humidity are variables that are important when storing pretty much anything. However, the stakes are arguably much higher when it comes to works of art because some facilities store pieces valued at millions of dollars. In case climate control is not maintained properly inside a storage unit, the loss can be colossal. This is why humidity and temperature are always under strict supervision in specialized art storage spaces. The generally accepted humidity level for art storage is usually somewhere around 40-60%, while the ideal temperature is normally from 70 °F to 75 °F during summer and 65 °F to 70 °F during winter.

Security and natural disaster protection

Professional art handlers are the ones who transport art collections from and to art storage units. They also handle them inside the storage units and make sure they are stored according to requirements. However, once the art handlers leave the facilities after the shift, the safety of pieces becomes the responsibility of guards and alarm systems. Art storage facilities must be monitored 24/7 to protect precious valuables inside from theft. In addition, all art storage units are equipped with fire response systems that can take care of any fire with minimal interaction with works of art.

Different art storage systems

If you enter an art storage unit, you might notice that there is not one single way to store works of art. Art storage racks, vaults, and cabinets are some of the most popular types of storage systems used to keep art safe. They are usually made from metal to minimize the appearance of insects. Different art storage systems are used for different kinds of artwork.

Professional art handlers know how to store art in a storage unit with maximum efficiency and protection of your valuables. If you find yourself in need of such a service, do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers. We are happy to help you arrange a delivery of your art collection to our storage facility in the heart of New York City.