Architecture, Sculpture & Art at Galerie Philippe Gravier

Architecture, sculpture & art are all beautiful forms of visual arts with different functions and purposes. They are independent, each following its own way. However, architecture, sculpture & art also fit together perfectly, especially when they are combined by talented artists and designers. At Fine Art Shippers, we had the pleasure of seeing this gorgeous combination during the Art Basel week. Our team was invited to visit the prestigious Design Miami/ Basel that brought together some of the leading galleries, designers, collectors, and critics from all over the world. Among the participants was Galerie Philippe Gravier that had an amazing installation at Design Miami/ Basel’s Design at Large.

Galerie Philippe Gravier

Galerie Philippe Gravier is a Paris-based gallery known for its contribution to the development of links between architecture, sculpture & art. The gallery is focused on two major projects: “Elements of Architecture” and “Small Nomad Houses.” The first one links architecture and sculpture and is aimed at starting a dialogue about architectural language by producing sculptures rather than design objects. “Small Nomad Houses,” in its turn, links architecture and art and is focused on producing smaller collectible and numbered pieces designed by major architects and international artists. All of the works presented by Galerie Philippe Gravier are made in France with the respect of the French tradition and excellence.

At Design Miami/ Basel’s Design at Large, Galerie Philippe Gravier presented Odile Decq’s The Black Pavilion, a gorgeous installation subverting the conventional relationship between the viewer, context, and pavilion. It was absolutely amazing to see this work in person.