Antique Mover Services: Religious Icons and Artifacts

Whether it comes to shipping antique clocks, vintage porcelains, or an old outdoor sculpture, hiring a professional moving company specializing in the transportation of fine art and antiques is always a wise solution. This is especially true if you need to move a collection of religious icons and artifacts. After all, such objects are not only valuable collectibles but also sacred representations of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, saints, and angels, which makes it of utmost importance to enlist the support of an experienced antique mover able to properly handle these delicate masterpieces of religious art.

Being shippers of fine art for more than twenty years, we boast extensive expertise in moving fine art and antiques of any kind, including religious icons and artifacts. Our local and international art transportation services cover all the possible moving needs; however, we are especially proud to be one of a few New York art moving companies specializing in shipping museum-quality antique Russian icons internationally. Our knowledge and skills allow us to work with the best Russian icon museums, galleries, dealers, and collectors from all over the world and take an active part in many important collaborative projects related to religious art. Let us introduce one of them!

RussianIcon & The Moscow Museum of Russian Icon

Not so long ago, Russian Icon, a New York-based company involved in selling, buying, exhibiting, and restoring antique Russian icons, presented its first joint project with Moscow’s Museum of Russian Icon, the largest private museum of the Orthodox Christian Art in Russia. The world’s best historians and experts, with the help of renowned collectors, spent two years writing a book about a unique collection of antique Russian icons brought together over several decades. Now, this catalog that includes high-resolution images and detailed descriptions of the most outstanding Russian icons dating from the 18th century is available to the public, which is undoubtedly good news for all connoisseurs of religious icon art.

Fine Art Shippers

As a professional art shipping company, Fine Art Shippers will be engaged in packing, crating, and moving this stunning collection of antique Russian icons for its exhibiting program. Being a chosen antique mover for such an important job is an honor for us, and we will do our best to ensure that all religious objects included in the Russian Icon catalog reach their destination safe and sound.