ABCs of Choosing Your Ideal Art Moving Transport for a Safe Trip

ABCs of Choosing Your Ideal Art Moving Transport for a Safe Trip

Art shipping is a responsible part of the broader art handling process. Artwork is exposed to many risks during transportation, so your task is to choose safe and well-equipped art moving transport to minimize those hazards and ensure your possessions’ safe trip. Here is a guide to selecting a professionally equipped vehicle that meets all safety requirements.

Criteria for Selecting Art Moving Transport

Among the most essential safety characteristics for art moving trucks are climate control, robust security, and shock and vibration mitigation. You should also assess the shuttles for their size and accessibility. Let’s cover these main points in more detail.

Climate Control

Stable temperature and humidity are vital for high-value artwork transportation. Excessive heat and humidity can cause fungal development and artwork deterioration, so art moving shuttles are typically equipped with air conditioning and filtration systems coupled with dehumidifiers.


Fine art is expensive, so it often becomes the target of thieves. To protect your expensive shipment, art moving shuttles are equipped with GPS trackers, alarms, surveillance cameras, and secure locking mechanisms that guarantee access control.

Shock and Vibration Prevention

Traveling by road is an unpredictable endeavor, as the truck may encounter bumps on its route. To prevent artwork cracking, chipping, and damage, art shipping vehicles have air ride suspension systems and are additionally cushioned with specific flooring. Fragile artwork is also protected with crates and padding to minimize movement during shipping and reduce the potential negative impact of travel.

Size and Access

Shuttles should be large enough to host large-dimension artworks like sculptures or extra-size paintings. You should also double-check whether artwork loading and unloading is easy and safe – professional liftgates and ramps usually ensure this.

Other Things to Check

With these equipment aspects in place, you may be fully sure that your art moving transport meets all basic quality parameters. Among other things, you may check for the way communication between the shuttle and the control office is set up and the moving team’s approach to shuttle maintenance and cleaning. Finally, you should check for the insurance coverage the shipping provider offers.