5 Signs That It’s Time to Look for Fine Art Storage Services

Some Signs That It’s Time to Look for Fine Art Storage Services

From the outside, it may seem that fine art storage services are only used by collectors who have huge collections with more than fifty pieces. However, several indicators may suggest it’s time to consider specialized storage for your collection, and they are not limited to a simple lack of space in your home. In this blog post, you’ll find some other situations that may prompt you to explore art storage options in your area. 

5 Signs That It’s Time to Look for Fine Art Storage Services

Security concerns

Suppose your collection includes particularly valuable artwork, and you are concerned about its safety. In that case, storing it in a dedicated art storage facility with advanced security measures can provide peace of mind. Most professional artwork storage facilities have comprehensive fire and intrusion alarm systems and the ability to monitor art pieces in real time.

Logistics concerns

Having a central storage location can also simplify logistics to and from exhibitions or art fairs if you regularly participate in such events. You can store your collection pieces in proper packaging, such as wooden crates, and when you prepare for the event, you only need to load the necessary items into the truck. This option greatly reduces the risk of damage during handling and transportation.

Climate control concerns

If your current storage space lacks proper climate control, and you want to prevent damage over time, don’t hesitate to look for a specialized fine art storage unit where your artwork will be stored in an environment with stable temperature and humidity levels.

Restoration or conservation concerns

Sometimes, an art storage facility is also needed when one of your artworks requires restoration or conservation work. A restorer may need properly equipped space to examine the piece before it is delivered to their studio for restoration or conservation.

Need for temporary storage

If you have purchased a new item for your collection far from your home, you may need to temporarily store the item in a storage unit near the auction house or gallery. This time may be required for the paperwork to be prepared for customs clearance and international shipment.

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