11 Myths About Design & Art Every Beginner Artist Should Know

11 Myths About Design & Art Every Beginner Artist Should Know

Are you a beginner artist? Just enticing the colorful world of art? Then, along with all the fun, color, and creativity, you must have come across many myths about design and art.

And let’s be honest, sometimes, it can be quite frustrating when you can’t figure out what to believe and what not to believe. We are here to make things easy for you by listing some myths about art and design that you need to know along with the reality. Continue reading to know more.

1. Myth: Talent Is Everything

Reality: Talent is like that extra seasoning in a dish – it’s good, but it’s not everything you need. When it comes to art, having some natural talent can give you a head start, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

Think of it this way: if talent is the flame, practice and dedication are the fuel that keeps the creative engine running.

Imagine if every amazing artist in history had just relied on their talent and never worked on their craft. Van Gogh, for example, wasn’t born with a paintbrush in his hand. He painted over 800 paintings in his lifetime, and his early works aren’t what we’d call “a masterpiece,” but he kept at it, and look where it got him.

The message here is simple: don’t feel discouraged if you don’t feel like a pro on day one. Art is a journey and not a destination, and the more you practice, the more your skills will grow. So, keep at it, and remember that art isn’t about where you start; it’s about where you’re going.

2. Myth: You Need Formal Education

Reality: While art school is a path to consider, it’s not the only road to becoming a successful artist.

Many of the greats were self-taught. You should remember that your creativity isn’t confined to the walls of a classroom. You are good to go as long as you brush up on the art principles overview.

Art is a personal journey for you, and your passion and dedication can be your greatest teachers. So, don’t let a lack of formal education hold you back. Whether you’re in art school or teaching yourself, it’s all about how you use the tools at your disposal.

3. Myth: You Should Only Follow Trends

Reality: Trends in art are like fashion trends – they come and go. But if you try to chase them all, you’ll feel like you’re running a never-ending marathon. Remember, the most timeless art isn’t a product of trends; it’s a reflection of your unique style.

Sure, it’s tempting to jump on the latest art movement and do it with glory, but in the end, your art should reflect you.

Think about the artists you love; they’re not famous because they followed trends but because they stood out with their originality.

So, don’t worry too much about what’s hot right now. Create from your heart, explore what you’re passionate about, and your style will evolve naturally. After all, trends are temporary, but your style is forever.

4. Myth: Art Must Be Perfect

Reality: Perfection is like that mirage you see in the desert – it’s always just out of reach. Art is like a journey for you, and while you go on it, you will surely make mistakes. But guess what? Mistakes are like the breadcrumbs on your artistic trail; they help you learn, grow, and find your way.

The truth is the small imperfections that you have actually add more character to your art. Some of the world’s most famous paintings have been hidden, but that’s what makes them unique.

Take the Mona Lisa, for instance; it’s not a “perfect” portrait by technical standards, but it’s one of the most iconic pieces of art in history. Instead of aiming for perfection, aim to create something that moves you, something that tells a story or conveys a feeling. That’s the real beauty of art.

5. Myth: You Should Only Create When Inspired

Reality: Waiting for inspiration is a bit like waiting for a shooting star; it’s a rare occurrence. You don’t want to miss out on creating just because the muse is on vacation. Sometimes, inspiration comes from the process of creating itself.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Fake it ’till you make it”? Well, in art, it’s more like “Create it ’till you feel it.” Don’t wait for that “Aha!” moment to arrive because, often, it’s the act of creating that sparks it.

Start with something, anything, and let your creativity take the lead. It is very similar to starting a campfire. You don’t sit around waiting for a bolt of lightning to strike a tree; you strike the flint and make it happen. So, start painting, drawing, or sculpting, and watch the sparks fly.

6. Myth: Art Is Not a Real Career

Reality: The idea that you can’t make a living as an artist is as outdated as the concept of the earth being flat. In the digital age, it has become more and more easy for artists to make a living from their artwork.

From selling your art at galleries to getting commissions, teaching, or even making a name for yourself on online platforms, there are countless ways to turn your passion into a profession. Yes, it might not be the most traditional path, but it’s entirely possible.

Don’t let this myth stop you in a world where people celebrate creativity and originality. With some good old determination, you can definitely transform your art into a career.

7. Myth: You Can’t Make Mistakes

Reality: Mistakes are like those hidden Easter eggs in video games – they’re not bad; they’re part of the fun. Mistakes are where growth happens, where you learn and improve. You know what? Even da Vinci and Michelangelo had sketchbooks filled with doodles and blunders.

Remember that nobody is born a master. Every artist you admire started somewhere, and that somewhere often involved mistakes and experiments. So don’t be afraid to mess up; it’s all part of the learning process.

Embrace those artistic bloopers like you’re collecting cool pebbles on the beach. They’re not stumbles; they’re stepping stones on your journey to becoming the artist you dream of being. It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike. You might take a tumble here and there, but once you find your balance, you’ll be pedaling like a pro in no time.

8. Myth: Real Artists Don’t Copy

Reality: We’ve all heard the phrase, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Think of copying as your training wheels. When you’re starting, it’s a great way to understand the techniques and styles you admire. It’s like learning a magic trick to become a magician.

The greatest artists in history often began by copying the masters who came before them. The key is to use this as a learning tool, not as a way to take credit for someone else’s work.

The more you learn from others and try to understand the work of other artists, the more you’ll develop your unique artistic voice.

So, feel free to “borrow” a few tricks from the pros. After all, it’s like learning to cook by following a recipe – you’ll soon be whipping up your own artistic masterpieces.

9. Myth: Art Is a Solitary Pursuit

Reality: Creating art doesn’t have to be a solo journey; it can be a team sport. Collaborating with other artists, getting feedback, and sharing your work can be very rewarding. Think of it as your creative cheer squad.

Working alongside other artists can also be very inspiring. You learn from each other and share ideas. And sometimes, a simple comment can lead to a sudden moment of enlightenment. Joining art communities or art classes can open doors to a world of camaraderie and growth.

So, don’t limit yourself to a solitary studio. Embrace the creative community because art is more fun when shared.

10. Myth: You Need Expensive Supplies

Reality: The old myth of needing top-dollar art supplies to create something beautiful really discourages many aspiring artists. It’s like thinking you need a gourmet kitchen to cook a delicious meal. The truth is that you can whip up a masterpiece with simple tools.

Picasso, for instance, made some of his finest works using just a pencil and some paper.

Art isn’t about how much you spend; it’s about how much heart you put into it. You can create beautiful art with basic supplies.

Starting with minimal materials can sometimes force you to get extra creative, and that’s where magic often happens.

So, don’t break the bank. Focus on honing your skills and creating something special with what you have. When the time’s right, you can splurge on those fancy paints and brushes.

11. Myth: Only Original Ideas Matter

Reality: Art is like a massive potluck dinner. Everyone brings something unique to the table; however, you also need to build on what others have cooked up. Your art doesn’t have to be entirely original to be amazing; it just needs your unique flavor.

Picasso once said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” What he meant was that artists often take inspiration from what they see and transform it into something uniquely their own. So, let your influences shape your style, and mix and match to create your art fusion.

After all, even the greatest stories and movies are often retellings or reinterpretations of ancient tales. Art is about the human experience.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, eleven myths about art have been busted. Remember, art is all about your passion, perseverance, and personal expression.

Keep on creating, keep on experimenting, and, most importantly, keep having fun on your artistic journey.