Why Do You Need Art Packing and Shipping Help When Moving Your Porcelains?


Being one of the most ancient forms of art, porcelains are back in fashion. For today, these original, hand-made kiln-fired pieces distinguished by their unique style of painting are indeed in high demand with collectors and connoisseurs of fine art alike. Moreover, this applies to both vintage and modern porcelains created by talented artists. However, while porcelain pieces are undoubtedly a thing of beauty, they are also some of those delicate items that can be easily damaged. Thereby, when it comes to moving porcelains, it is always better to enlist the support of reliable shippers of fine art. Why? There are actually several reasons for this!

Since porcelain pieces are much more vitreous than other stonewares, they are more likely to be damaged in transit. As a result, they can not only lose their value or beauty but also be completely ruined due to improper handling. However, if you order professional art packing and shipping services from Fine Art Shippers, we will help you avoid all the possible problems, including the following:

1. Cracks

Cracks are some of the most common factors that devalue porcelain pieces. Unfortunately, if your items are cracked in transit, there is little you can do about this problem. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your collection is properly protected during the move.

2. Base and rim chips

Everything from figurines and vases to saucers and cups can easily become chipped while being transported from place to place. This problem is not as critical as cracks, but the value of your porcelains is sure to go down.

3. Crazing

Abrupt changes in temperature, as well as improper storage and handling, can be the reason for crazing. The only way to avoid this problem is to hire an art shipping company that can offer comprehensive packing and crating services for even the most delicate items susceptible to environmental fluctuations.

Having been working as art movers in New York for 20+ years, we have extensive experience in art packing and shipping, with a focus on valuable artwork and exclusive porcelain items of all sizes. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to provide only premium quality fine arts shipping solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. So if you need any help with moving your porcelains, contact Fine Art Shippers without hesitation!