Who Needs Auction Shipping Services and Why?

Everyone who has ever participated in an auction is well aware of this thrilling feeling when you win the desired lot or, vice versa when you have just sold a valuable item for a decent amount of money. But behind the scenes, there are many tasks to be solved. And one of them is how to safely deliver a piece of art or antiques to your home or your customer. If you have no idea how to do it right, auction shipping services are what you need. Read on to learn about why this art shipping service is very handy and who can make use of it.

Who needs auction shipping services and why?

Auction buyers

If you have purchased some valuable and especially fragile items at an auction, you have to consider your shipping plan thoroughly. Art pick-up and delivery services provide you with door-to-door shipping of your pieces. Besides, most auction shipping services involve safe and cost-effective packaging and crating solutions to protect your delicate and precious artworks during transportation to your home or wherever needed.

Auction sellers

Such an art shipping service is a smart way for you to deliver your pieces to an auction house or client. Moreover, customers will more likely buy your items when their delivery cost is predetermined. Besides, this service usually includes professional art packing, custom crating, art insurance, and more, which means that you do need to worry about your items while they are in storage or transit.

Thus, you need auction pick-up and delivery services because they provide you with:

  • professional art packing and crating;
  • art insurance;
  • domestic or international art shipping;
  • safe and stress-free door-to-door delivery of your precious items.

Fine Art Shippers is pleased to offer a range of reliable auction shipping services in the United States, so please feel free to contact us whatever help is required or request a shipping quote online!