Who Are Art Couriers, And Why Are They Not Regular Couriers?

Who Are Art Couriers, And Why Are They Not Regular Couriers

In our daily lives, we encounter couriers every day, whether we order food delivery at home, buy something on Amazon, or just walk down the street and see the courier bikes or trucks whizzing by. But what about art couriers? Can they be lumped into the same category as “daily couriers,” or is there something different about this profession? Let’s explore the issue in this blog post.

Key Differences Between Art Couriers and Regular Couriers

Working as an art courier actually requires a lot more skills than working as a regular courier. No wonder art couriers are also called art handlers. Their distinguishing feature is that they are specifically trained to handle extremely fragile, delicate, and valuable items. More importantly, their job isn’t just to deliver the precious cargo, i.e., art and antiques, from point A to point B. They must also be able to ensure its safety along the entire route.

First of all, this means that art couriers provide art packing services. They evaluate the condition and other physical characteristics of an item, and depending on them, as well as the complexity of the route, they choose the necessary method of packaging. It can be soft packaging or a custom wooden crate. Upon request, art courier companies can also provide transit art insurance. It goes without saying that all these services are more specific than those offered by regular courier companies such as UPS or FedEx.

In addition, art couriers can assist their clients with the installation and de-installation of artworks. This is particularly helpful when the delivery is timed to an art fair or exhibition.

Finally, the vehicles used by art couriers are different from those used by regular shipping companies. In order for fragile items to be safely delivered to a new location, they must not be moved or shacked during transit, and the temperature must remain at the same level. For these purposes, art shipping vehicles are equipped with a stable security system and sophisticated air conditioning. Drivers must also have certain safe driving skills.

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