What You Should Know before Hiring an Art Courier

Since precious artworks require the utmost attention and care while in transit, it is vitally important to order professional fine art shipping services each time you need to transport any of them, especially when it comes to exclusive and very rare paintings or, let’s say, a vintage jewelry piece. Besides, even if you can take a risk and try to transport a valuable artwork within the New York area yourself, it is not always possible to do the same internationally. However, you certainly cannot hire just any art courier service for such a job – you need a reliable company you can entrust your precious belongings to. Moreover, it is not the only thing to consider when choosing fine art movers in NYC.

Obviously, one of the most important things is to ensure that the chosen art shipping company can provide you with the required level of service. Are their trucks equipped with climate control and security systems? Do they offer a hand-to-hand courier service? Can they organize a safe and fast shipment worldwide? Do they assist with customs clearance? Ask all these questions before signing any contract.

What else do you need to know before hiring an art moving company?

  • whether you can pay cash or they accept payments online;
  • what their terms and conditions are;
  • how you can get a free quote;
  • what their legal address is and how they work;
  • how you can get with them in contact while your artwork is in transit;
  • whether all the art handlers, packers, and movers have been trained to do their job professionally;
  • whether they provide art insurance services;
  • what the consequences of canceling an order are;
  • whether they can pack/unpack, install/deinstall the artwork;
  • whether you can order a custom crate built specifically for your artwork;
  • what the approximate delivery date is;
  • whether they can store your artwork for some time;
  • what the art storage conditions are;
  • whether there are any testimonials from happy clients (artists, art galleries, auction houses, etc.).

Being engaged in the professional art handling and transportation business for more than two decades, we can provide you with the best art courier service ever. No matter whether you need to transport a valuable painting, a multi-million jewelry piece, or a large outdoor sculpture, our team can offer you the most secure and cost-effective solution. Just request a free quote or give us a call, and we will make every effort to satisfy all your needs!