What Drives Demand for Art Storage Services in the USA?

What Drives Demand for Art Storage Services in the USA

The art production industry is quickly expanding today, according to analysts. The number of art galleries increases to respond to the soaring demand for esthetically pleasing art appreciation venues, and museums compete to expand their collections and diversify their service offerings to visitors. Besides institutional trends, the retail interest in art is also on the rise, with individual collectors working hard to compile one-of-a-kind art collections. Amid this global fascination with art, art storage services also enjoy greater popularity than ever before. Let’s have a look at what this market represents in the USA and what drives its growth among service consumers.

The Art Storage and Logistics Market in the USA

In the USA, the fine art logistics market is a mature niche that enjoys slow and steady growth. The market size equaled $491.8 million in 2022 and is projected to exceed $696 million by 2030. Therefore, the CAGR of this market niche is around 4.4% – a sound parameter for growth in a well-established industry. By fine art logistics, we mean specialized transportation, art packing and crating, and secure, well-organized art storage services.

Why Do People Use Professional Art Storage Services?

On the one hand, owning art presupposes keeping it on display so that the happy owner and their visitors can admire the collection. On the other hand, it is often hard to keep all artwork visible due to limited space or the owner’s desire for artwork clustering by type, artist, or method. That’s why they sort out selected works for display for a specific period of time, holding the rest of their assets in storage.

An optimal solution in this situation is to turn to art storage companies that offer fully secure and controlled storage conditions for delicate and fragile artwork. Art storage facilities represent fireproof buildings serviced by trained security staff and covered by 24/7 surveillance. Besides, art owners can enjoy a full spectrum of related services, such as art pick-up including safe, professional packaging, art transportation to and from the storage, preparation for domestic or international shipping, and further execution of that shipment.

We at Fine Art Shippers can also organize viewing sessions for your potential buyers and perform art collection management services. In other words, you receive end-to-end assistance from our team. Due to this convenience and comprehensiveness of provided services, professional art storage is a sure bet for every safety-conscious art owner.