What Does It Take to Ship a Framed Picture Without Risks?

What Does It Take to Ship a Framed Picture Without Risks

The art shipping industry is very precise and comprehensive about the rules and standards for shipping different kinds of art objects. That’s why you can find detailed guidelines for packaging, handling, and transportation of your valuable belongings whenever you need to ship a framed picture, painting, valuable porcelain, or sculpture. Here is a list of your main considerations for preparing and organizing your framed pictures’ transit.

What Does It Take to Ship a Framed Picture Without Risks?

The problem you face when shipping a framed picture is that, in most cases, it is covered with glass. Thus, to ship a framed picture in line with safety guidelines, you first need to protect the picture’s glass from cracks in transit. This is best done with the help of special blue film or mirror tape placed in the X-form on the glass surface so that it doesn’t damage the picture, even if something really bad happens. After that, you may cover the entire surface of the picture with glassine paper or art plastic, add the cushioning layer of kraft bubble, and finalize the packaging procedure with proper insulation of the outer layer of packaging materials.

It is also vital to take care of the proper protection of the picture’s corners. Square and rectangular frames are highly vulnerable to scratches and chips. It often happens that inexperienced shippers may scratch the walls with the frame’s corner if they carry it carelessly. Sometimes, damage may occur during transportation, provided the vehicle has little shock absorption and causes the picture to move up and down on every bump. That’s why adding foam or cardboard corners during the packaging process will never be too much; these corners will shield the frame’s most protruding parts from any physical damage in the shipping process.

Fine Art Shippers Can Ship Your Pictures Without Risks

As soon as you face the need to ship a framed picture, you may lack the right skills and knowledge to do things right. In this case, you definitely need the assistance of professional art handlers like Fine Art Shippers. We know how to treat framed pictures with due care and delicacy so that they don’t get scratched, damaged, or cracked at any stage of the transit. Contact us by phone or email to learn the details and invite our team of experts to your location for secure pick-up and transportation of memories you cherish.