Warmest Wishes for Thanksgiving from the Fine Art Shippers Team!

Warmest Wishes for Thanksgiving from the Fine Art Shippers Team

The long-awaited holiday season is approaching, and Thanksgiving, one of the most joyful days of the year, is just around the corner. Of course, traveling to see your loved ones, preparing a festive meal, or wandering the sales during Black Friday shopping in search of the perfect gifts can be stressful. But the happiness and excitement are already in the air, so it is time to leave your worries aside.

The Fine Art Shippers team could not be more excited for the opportunity to express our gratitude to all our clients, partners, and friends. Today, we would like to participate in this beautiful tradition by sharing some of the many things we are thankful for.


Warmest Wishes for Thanksgiving from the Fine Art Shippers Team!

First and foremost, we would like to thank our dear clients: artists, collectors, curators, gallery managers, art business professionals, auctioneers, and other people working in the art industry. Needless to say, none of what we have achieved this year would be possible without them. Fine Art Shippers is beyond honored to have the chance to meet so many dedicated and talented art lovers. Some of the happy, serendipitous encounters grew to be long-lasting friendships, and we are eternally grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us.

We could not write a Thanksgiving message without thanking our industry partners. Whether it is packing, crating, or transporting valuables across the world, their support is crucial. Without them, we would not be able to provide high-quality, reliable art logistics services on an international scale. Fine Art Shippers is grateful to have met like-minded people with a true passion for what they do all around the globe.

Last but not least, we will forever be grateful for the people working in the art industry. Art handlers, museum and gallery personnel, art fair organizers, art conservators, appraisers, consultants, and, of course, artists – they all play an invaluable role in ensuring that the US art scene continues to grow and thrive. No matter how old you are, your ethnicity, or gender, art can lift your spirits, inspire, and bring comfort. We are incredibly proud to be part of the community that brings people happiness in the form of beautiful works of art.

We hope you spend a joyful and relaxing time enjoying this holiday with the ones you love. Don’t forget to let your family, friends, and colleagues know that you cherish and appreciate their presence in your life. Happy Thanksgiving!