VLADEY – Contemporary Art Auction in Moscow

Thanks to our representative office in Moscow, Fine Art Shippers proudly serves many artists, collectors, and dealers based in this modern, rapidly developing metropolis. The city has an amazing and diverse art scene, with a whole range of different art museums, galleries, and cultural centers for any taste. Moscow is also home to some really great auction houses specializing in selling and buying fine art. For example, we highly recommend VLADEY, a contemporary art auction that has earned an excellent reputation among both collectors and artists.

The First Contemporary Art Auction in Russia

Established in 2013, VLADEY is the first auction house in Russia entirely dedicated to contemporary art. It was founded by Vladimir Ovcharenko, a reputable Russian art collector and financier who is also the founder of OVCHARENKO (previously known as Regina Gallery) that is one of the first private contemporary art galleries in Moscow.

Conducting a series of curated auctions twice a year, VLADEY is now a top-ranked art market authority and a go-to place for many seasoned collectors, not only from Russia but from around the globe. The fact is that each VLADEY contemporary art auction is broadcast live, providing art connoisseurs with an excellent opportunity to bid and acquire art from any part of the world. It is also worth noting that all lots offered for sale at VLADEY auctions are carefully selected by guest experts who choose only high-quality works of art by the most talented artists, both well-established and emerging. As a result, VLADEY auctions feature lots of masterpieces, any of which can easily adorn your art collection.

VLADEY is located in the center of Moscow, at 4th Syromyatnichesky Lane. Its next auctions will be held this fall, offering another great selection of the best contemporary art. Very recommended by Fine Art Shippers!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons User Regina Gallery / CC BY-SA 4.0