Useful Tips for Shipping Antiques across the US

Shipping antiques

Have you ever thought about how delicate antiques are transported across the country? If the feeling of beauty is not a stranger to you, the chances are that, sooner or later, you will face the question of antique transportation yourself. Since these precious items are at least 100 years old, shipping antiques requires a lot of preparation and deep knowledge of the case. Thereby, if you are uncertain that you can handle the transportation process on your own, be sure to contact a professional. However, you can start with this short guide and some useful tips we have put together for you.

Useful Tips for Shipping Antiques across the US

Whether you are a collector or just a person who has faced the challenging prospect of shipping antique items, you should know that the first step to successful transportation of this delicate cargo is proper packaging.

Some packing tips to follow

  • Document the current condition of antique items and take photos.
  • Thoroughly clean your antiques since dust and dirt can harm the delicate surface of the items.
  • Make sure that each piece is wrapped with bubble wrap or blankets that will cushion and protect it from scratches and other potential damages.
  • Pay special attention to fragile areas when packing antiques. Be sure to pack sculptures, vases, statuettes, etc. in durable boxes filled with cushioning material to minimize possible damage. In addition to soft packing, consider using wooden crates built for your particular pieces.
  • If you move antique furniture, disassemble it first (remove drawers, hardware, etc.) if possible.

If you are shipping antiques yourself

  • Carefully load the items into a truck and keep them separate from other stuff.
  • Under no circumstances, do not put other boxes on top of boxes with antique items.
  • Secure your possessions in place using ropes or straps to avoid possible shifting during transit.

Keep in mind that if you are dealing with very fragile antique items, it is much better to hire a professional shipping company that will help you transport your treasures across the US safely. Our qualified team at Fine Art Shippers will be pleased to provide you with a range of solutions for shipping antiques of any kind. Feel free to contact us today!