Types of Fine Art Appraisal Services

Fine Art Appraisal Services

Are you a collector wishing to sell your art piece profitably? Or maybe you have a piece of art and want to know its market price to properly invest your capital? Well, you are in the right place because this blog post will be useful for you. Below is some comprehensive information regarding the most common types of fine art appraisal services you should know.

Types of Fine Art Appraisal Services

1. Art advisory and consultation

To come up with the most realistic cost of your fine art, you should start with consulting qualified people. An art adviser is the one with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of art and art market, whose direct function is to educate and assist clients in getting insight into the art business and casting light on the value of their possessions.

2. Donation appraisal

This type of fine art appraisal services is invaluable if you plan to donate a certain artwork to a non-profit organization. The thing is that many non-profits require your donated artworks to be appraised. It also pays to know that when an artist donates fine art, the only tax deduction that is being taken is the cost of materials used for creating the work.

3. Appraisal for insurance purposes

If you have your fine art damaged or lost, expert opinion has much weight. Moreover, most insurance companies often require art appraisals when deciding on the appropriate art insurance coverage.

4. Appraisal for resale value

This type is one of the most well-known. If you are interested in the value of your artwork in the resale, you should use this appraisal service.

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