Try These Art Studio Storage Ideas to Become More Organized in 2024

Try These Art Studio Storage Ideas to Become More Organized in 2024

Making lists of New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition. Part of what makes it easier to stick to your plans is making sure they are reasonable and achievable. If reorganizing your art storage is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you might wonder where to start. We have prepared a few art studio storage ideas you can recreate or find inspiration from.

Try These Art Studio Storage Ideas to Become More Organized in 2024

Wooden boxes and woven baskets

Start developing sustainable habits in the coming year by repurposing your old supplies. Chances are you have a wooden box left over from that fancy wine bottle you got as a gift and haven’t found a way to use it. Thrift stores also often have woven baskets for very little money. Crates and baskets are great for storing art supplies and can help declutter your space. In addition, larger boxes can be used to store artwork vertically to keep it from collecting dust on the floor and buckling under the weight of other pieces.

Mason jars

Mason jars are some of the most versatile items everyone has in their home. Once you have finished the last of your favorite jams, wash the jar and use it to store brushes, paint tubes, or anything else. Mason jars last much longer than plastic brush holders, and they look nicer, too.

Shelves and cabinets

It is important to have different storage options in your art studio, but if you must have only one, let it be on shelves. They are perfect for putting away your art supplies at the end of a productive day and seeing the space clear up in seconds. You can use acrylic cabinets if you do not like the look of open shelves. This way, you never have to wonder what you put in which drawer and waste time digging through supplies. Plus, shelves can be used to display two-dimensional artwork such as paintings and prints.

Carts or trolleys

Carts and trolleys are useful in art studios. You can load them with the supplies you are working with and move them to where you need them. When you are done with your project, you can move them to the shelves and quickly put everything back.

Keeping your studio tidy may seem like a lot of work. But the key to developing good habits is to make them easy to maintain. Hopefully, with these art studio storage ideas, keeping your space organized will stop being a hassle.