Top 5 Reasons to Use Our Painting Storage in NYC in 2024

Top 5 Reasons to Use Our Painting Storage in NYC in 2024

Art collectors buy paintings to enjoy the esthetic feel of being surrounded by eternal masterpieces of great masters. Indeed, having a large collection of fine art is always a symbol of wealth, status, and good taste. But what can you do if your collection expands, and you don’t want to turn your premises into a huge art gallery or museum? Maybe, it’s time to seek painting storage in NYC and rotate your possessions on display. Here’s why you need one.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Our Painting Storage in NYC in 2024

The first thought coming to your mind is to arrange a home-based storage room and avoid the hassle of moving your art belongings back and forth. Yet, a professionally organized painting storage in NYC is a much better idea in many senses.

#1 Climate Control

Fine art is highly sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, so reserving a separate room for your paintings at home won’t do. You will need to set up an expensive climate control system that will regulate the settings in that specific room, which can turn into a real hassle.

#2 Security

Artwork objects are valuable and expensive, so they commonly attract the unnecessary attention of thieves and criminals. Professional storage facilities have alarms and 24/7 monitoring systems that will keep your property under rigorous protection.

#3 Pest Control

Pest infestations can destroy entire collections stored without proper regard to packaging insulation and control of the room’s cleanliness. That’s why expert painting storage facilities are comprehensively protected from all kinds of pests, with regular cleaning done to minimize these risks. The staff is not allowed to bring food into storage and has to follow professional hygiene and clothing disinfection procedures before entering the storage unit.

#4 Fire and Flood Alarms

Professionally equipped storage facilities are well-protected against floods and fires, with mitigation systems set up in a way that sends early warnings and prevents water and fire dissemination.

#5 Professional Staff

Your fine art is always handled by experienced professionals. So, you may rest assured that your assets are in safe hands and will never be treated carelessly.

If these five reasons sound persuasive enough for you to consider using a specialized storage facility, we’ll be happy to assist you with the storage of your valuable property. Contact Fine Art Shippers to find out the details and enjoy safe, climate-controlled storage in a convenient location.