It’s High Time to Find a Well-Equipped Painting Storage in New York

It’s High Time to Find a Well Equipped Painting Storage in New York

The new year is already a couple of days away, which means that 2024 will soon burst into your business planning and routines, demanding new approaches and solutions. If you’re an art owner or private collector, the chances are high that you will need to consider a new painting storage in New York. Here are some ideas and considerations to factor into your search for optimal storage solutions.

Why Search for a Painting Storage in New York?

So, why New York? Why new storage? These questions may be relevant for any dealer or art owner approaching 2024 in search of more cost-effective and efficient business solutions. You may already be using some storage services or only considering one; your business may be located in NYC or the neighborhood. In any of these situations, having a painting storage in New York is a good option that comes with many benefits:

  • simple and optimally organized logistics;
  • lower transportation expenditures;
  • secure and convenient locations;
  • advanced equipment.

Indeed, most storage facilities are located close to airports and the seaport in New York or have a well-arranged transportation route that ensures swift and risk-free art delivery to and from logistics hubs.

What Criteria to Focus on in 2024?

Now that you realize the need for a NYC storage facility, it’s time to choose one from dozens of offerings. We advise turning attention to the minimal set of widely recognized quality criteria for fine art storage, such as:

  • Climate control systems. Art pieces need to be stored in a stable environment with proper temperature and humidity settings.
  • Security systems. Protection from thieves and flood and fire alarms should be present in the storage.
  • The art handling team managing the stored objects should be experienced and careful.
  • The storage facility’s reputation among the representatives of the art community should be spotless and positive.
  • Storage costs and terms should be flexible and affordable.

This is a small yet sufficient list of quality parameters that will help you weed out the mediocre market participants and establish partnerships with safe, quality-oriented storage facilities.

Fine Art Shippers Can Help You Out

If you’re on the hunt for a safe, affordable storage facility meeting all professional requirements, Fine Art Shippers is the best company to turn to. We have a secure, climate-controlled storage unit in New York, built and equipped in compliance with top-tier art storage standards and served 24/7 by a professional team. Contact us to find out more about our art storage services and reserve a secure, affordable spot for your possessions in 2024.