Tips for Packing Your Air Freight

Air freight is one of the most efficient and popular ways of shipping delicate objects that require prompt delivery. But to get the best of air freight, pay special attention to your air freight packing processes since missing the point here means you are most likely to harvest a negative ripple effect. Read on to learn more on how best to prepare your fine art pieces for air shipping.

Use the Right Packing Materials

The first thing to take care of when preparing your artwork for shipping is the type of material you use for packing it. It is needful to use the right type of packing for the right type of items you want to ship. For instance, factor in the strengths and weaknesses of each packaging box before settling for it. For example, some boxes are designed for single-use while others are reusable. Therefore, get these facts correct to get the best of any type of packing you want to use.

 Factor in the Risks of Air Freight

Also, you should understand the risk that accompanies air freight to allow you to take the necessary steps to secure your cargo through appropriate packaging.  Listed below are some of the risks your cargo gets exposed to when shipping it via planes:

  • Puncture and abrasion when your items shift or have insufficient internal packaging
  • Compression resulting from stacking, shock, vibration, or tie-down straps, leading to possible damage
  • Handling is another risk your package faces when you transport cargo using an airplane. It is, therefore, needful to package it properly to protect its contents from the drops and impacts of handling operations

Create Space Between Items           

Another air freight packing tip that will keep your cargo safe on the plane is placing spaces between items if you choose to package different objects inside one box. You should package each item individually and separate it with corrugated inserts to avoid jostling that could lead to damage.

Consider the Weight

Lastly, factor in the weight of the cargo you are preparing for shipping. Therefore, consider the strength and durability of the box you want to use for your air freight packing. If the box or other container cannot hold the weight properly, you are most likely to expose your wares to damage.

With these tips on how to package your for freight services, you are now in a better position to package your artwork appropriately and safely.