The Technical Side of Art Exhibition Transportation: Tools We Use

The Technical Side of Art Exhibition Transportation: Tools We Use

Whenever it comes to the art exhibition transportation, most people engaged in the event’s organization tend to think of artwork shipping only in terms of moving the objects and having them properly installed. However, the art transportation process involves many technical intricacies and requires a wide variety of practical skills and tools to get the art moving process going.

The Technical Side of Art Exhibition Transportation: Tools We Use

Here is a brief breakdown of the tools professional art handlers typically use at various stages of art exhibition transportation.

Tape Measure

This tool is invaluable whenever an art handler needs to measure the object’s dimensions, evaluate the height and width of doors on the way of exhibits’ transportation, and produce all other kinds of measurements for box selection and crating.

Box Cutter

Art handlers often need to cut cardboard sheets when packing objects for art exhibition transportation. That’s why a box cutter always comes in handy as a convenient and precise tool for cutting sheets of needed dimensions with even, smooth sides.


Drills are often used to hang a painting. An art handler usually drills the needed holes in the wall after making all measurements, choosing the optimal height for the artwork, and preparing the surface with plaster. Once the holes are created, they are further filled with screws or nails on which the painting will be hanging.


Hammers are typically used in the process of art exhibition installation to fill the holes made with a drill with screws or nails.


Using a level is a mandatory professional requirement during installation after the art exhibition transportation. All objects should hang level, parallel to the floor, without being inclined toward one side.

Socket Wrench

Socker wrenches are part and parcel of the art handling and installation processes. They are needed to tighten or loosen the fasteners by turning them. This hand-held tool is always in the art handler’s toolbox, coming in handy during the compound artwork assembly, crating, and uncrating of the art objects.


Screwdrivers are also a basic tool that art handlers use for a variety of manipulations with artwork and its packaging. They are universal helpers in many situations when an art handler needs to fasten some parts of the crate or another container, or fasten a nail or screw in the hole on the wall for further artwork hanging, etc.

The Fine Art Shippers Team Is Skilled in Using All Kinds of Tools

Do you need an expert team of art handlers well-versed in all technical tools for smooth and safe art exhibition transportation? Contact us and ensure that your art is always handled with care and professionalism.