The Art of Art Installation in Simple Words

Contemporary art is sometimes seen as very sophisticated to be understood. Nevertheless, outstanding examples of contemporary art can bring a number of emotions to the viewer through their idea and unique design. One of them is the art installation that has long been a popular form of visual art. 

What is art installation?

Installation is a permanent or temporary performance with the use of three-dimensional objects. Installation artworks usually occupy a large space, such as an entire room or gallery.

The critical point of the art installation is to change the perception of space and fully engage with the art pieces.

What are the types of installation art?

Generally, art installation works are site-specific and often settled indoors. However, with the development of technology, novelties, and the rise of contemporary art to a new level, one can distinguish various types of installation art.

  • Interactive installations

This type involves the viewers to interact with the works of art. These include the implementation of electronic, digital, and mobile installations.

  • Immersive virtual reality

The strong use of media and technologies has made the installation a boundless form of contemporary art. The experimentation with visual representation, music, light, and the Internet engages the senses of viewers, helping them immerse themselves in the installation.

  • Street installations

This is a form of street art. It traditionally implies three-dimensional objects set in urban places.

  • Sound or video installations

This one includes sound or video elements to create a unique art performance by making a dialog with the surrounding location and a viewer. Such works are usually site-specific and temporary. 

What are the examples of art installations?          

Apart from the earliest works, such as installations by Marcel Duchamp, it is impossible not to mention Ai Weiwei, probably the most contradicting figure in the world of installation art. Ai Weiwei raises significant social issues in his artworks, one of which is his famous installation Remembering that is closely connected with the victims of the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan.

Other famous artists are Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude, who created large-scale environmental art installations, Damien Hurst, whose works explore the idea of death (for example, A Thousand Years that portray a dead cow’s head in a tank), and many more.

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